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Green Waste Skip Hire

Green Waste Disposal

Quick Skips are committed to practices that reduce waste to landfill and minimise the impact of project waste.


  • All waste is transported to Eco Central Depots where it is sorted and, wherever possible, recycled
  • Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, Untreated timber, Metal, and Hard fill are delivered to recognised recycle facilities

Waste Types

  • Hard-fill – Concrete, bricks, soil, clay, shingle, tiles. Crushed for aggregate
  • Treated Timber – Shredded for liquid waste absorption
  • Untreated Timber – Processed into premium fuel nuggets used in clean burning fires
  • Plaster Board – Processed into spreadable soil conditioner and sold to local farmers
  • Glass – All clean glass inspected and used for conversion into new glass products
  • Metal – Shredded and reconstituted
  • Plastic – Processed, baled and exported
  • Carpet – Where possible, cleaned and reused
  • Green / Garden – Mulched and composted
  • Paper / Cardboard – Baled and exported


  • Navman GPS tracking systems enables the calculation of efficient routes, reducing travelling times and associated carbon emissions
  • Euro-3 fuel efficient trucks operated
  • Skips all ‘nest’ so multiple skips can be transported to minimise travel time and fuel consumption, making for a smaller carbon footprint

Green Star Build

  • Our systems and processes are fully compliant with Green Star Build requirements so a detailed certificate of landfill diversion can be issued
  • A full audit trail for waste types, weights, volumes and dump site locations are able to be recorded and supported with appropriate documentation