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  • Spring Is Springing – Time for That Spring Clean!

    It’s a great Kiwi tradition; the annual Spring clean up.  As the weather gradually warms over September, all over the country doors and windows are thrown open and people clear out their garages and sections of that accumulated rubbish. So, what is Spring, exactly?  During early spring, the axis of the Earth is increasing its… (Read more)

  • Old Car Tyres – What Can I Do With Them?

    Many people have them, or you know someone who does. Either just one, or a small stack; old car tyres languishing around in their garden or section. How did they get there? Why haven’t they been disposed of? Basically, it costs extra to dispose of them and many people will do “the dirty” and throw… (Read more)

  • Winter Pruning – Time for a Green Waste Skip

    What happened to Summer?  It was here a minute ago!  Whilst the memories of long Summer days, barbecues and beaches gently fade into our distant memories, and becomes immortalised in our photo collections, our thoughts turn towards our beautiful gardens and trees as Nature battens down the hatches in preparation for the oncoming colder months.… (Read more)

  • Hire A Skip For Your Annual Spring Garden Clear-Out

    September has arrived bringing with it the first signs of Spring.  The birds are chirping and the grass is growing. It’s the perfect time to tackle clearing out the garden – think of it as a spring clean, only outdoors!  The beginning of Spring is a great time to venture out into the garden, warmer temperatures… (Read more)

  • Waste Disposal In Christchurch: What Materials Can Go In A Skip

    Hiring a skip is a practical, cost-efficient method for waste collection in large quantities.  Some waste materials need to be separated, so it’s important to place only approved waste materials into the skips.  Careless waste sorting can result in the rejection of waste collected and/or incur extra waste collection costs. Types Of Waste Materials Skip… (Read more)

  • Three Things To Consider When Hiring A Skip

    From a quick spring clean through to renovating a house there are times when your roadside rubbish collection bin just won’t cut it.  More and more people are choosing to hire skip bins for a quick easy waste removal solution.  Skip bins are useful in a variety of waste disposal situations including removal of garden… (Read more)

  • Why You Shouldn’t Overload Your Skip

    Do you have  a serious household clean-up to contend with?  Are you moving house, clearing a garden and pruning trees, or are you tackling a long awaited renovation? Hiring a skip is the perfect solution for taking care of all the waste in one easy step. The holding capacity of a skip,  allows for a… (Read more)

  • Commercial Skip Hire Service Checklist

    Hiring a skip for commercial work is an integral part of ensuring a job runs smoothly and efficiently. Rubbish and debris can be stored and then removed, ensuring the  building process runs smoothly. Quick skips offers a reliable and efficient service,  and provide a same day service, ensuring  staff can continue to work effectively, minimising any  downtime… (Read more)

  • How To Do A Summer Garden Blitz

    Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to do a massive clean out of your garden and be prepared for the new season. With so much to do, a skip hire from Quick Skips is an affordable way to remove all your green waste in one foul swoop. Just be aware, if… (Read more)

  • Simple Skip Safety Tips

    Hiring a skip is an affordable and effective way to clear hard fill, general waste and green waste from your property. With a professional service to deposit and take the skip away, all you need to focus on is filling it up – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about safety. There… (Read more)